Attractions on the Renon

Earth pyramids

On the plateau of Renon you can find a particular geological phenomenon, called “earth pyramids”. The ones you can find close to Soprabolzano, Monte di Mezzo e Auna di sotto are among the most beautiful earth pyramids in Europe. They are formed by erosion of old moraine clays. They can reach heights of 15 to 20 meters, and you can see those of Soprabolzano actually also taking the cable car.

Museum of apiculture in Costalovara

Right in Costalovara, in the near distance of the Costalovara lake, you can visit the “Plattner Hof”. This old farm is one of the most beautiful in South Tyrol. It´s about 500 years old and it has been restored at the end of the 1980’s. The farm is now a museum for apiculture, where you can see many historical objects.
In the living quarters of the farm you can find out how alpine farmers lived in the past. The most of the exposed objects are original articles.
The museum is open from March to October.

Railway Renon

The Railway of Renon is unique in South Tyrol: it is the only narrow gauge railway. Although build in 1907, it’s still a mean of transport for the local population as well as for tourists. Its nickname is “Zugele” and it connects the two main villages of the Renon: Soprabolzano e Collalbo. At Costalovara, near the lake, there is one of the railway stations.

Cable car Renon

In 2009 the new cable car of the Renon was put into operation.
It is an orbit with really short waiting times. You are able to reach South Tyrol’s capital Bolzano within only 12 minutes. If you’d like to avoid the bendy journey by car down in the city, the cable car is a great alternative!






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